Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Surgery

Are you suitable for Laparoscopic abdominoplasty surgery with no scar marks?

In this part I will explain you how an abdominoplasty surgery is performed without leaving scar marks. The most important questions are why this surgery was brought out, and are you one of those lucky people who are suitable for abdominoplasty surgery. We have been appointing a lot of patients whose bodies get deformed due to getting fat, and offering them a lot of treatment options from liposuction to abdominoplasty, belly esthetics, and rectus muscle tightening. Well, what we plastic surgeons are considered about while deciding? Let me tell you about it first.

What are the methods used in tummy tuck?

First of all, patient’s age and skin elasticity (which is also affected by age) are very important. Layer called as dermis right beneath the skin contains collagen and elastin fibers which consist the biggest part of skin volume. While deciding we are wondering whether emptied skin will recover itself after removing fat out or not. This is the magic question. If there is no sagging in lipoidosis region and the skin looks like that it can recover itself after fat removal thanks to its elasticity, we recommend only liposuction (fat removal) for the patient. If the skin looks like that it cannot recover itself after, or if it already has sagging and fold even before the operation, we perform liposuction (fat removal) and tummy tuck together in advance. If the region we work on is the abdomen, the procedure is abdomen lifting. If it is thighs, the procedure is thigh lifting. For sure this excessive skin tissue also needs to be cut and removed. And the result is long incision marks. However, these kind of procedures are like profit and loss calculation. Patients who would never accept even a slight scar mark under normal circumstances, accept those big marks gladly as outcome of the surgery will be more satisfying. Yet, it still feels like there is something missing in this decision making process. There is lipoidosis in patient’s abdomen but no sagging, but since her abdomen muscles are flabby it is curving out. It is even expressed to the patient as “look, if you didn’t have this belly bulge, only liposuction (fat removal) would be necessary”. The thing giving the abdomen that curve is the separation of the muscles right in the middle, which is called as rectus abdominis, from each other and loosening of them both horizontally and vertically. Many times, even the surgeon himself is unsatisfied with the operation he performed. Since it was the only way to do the operation, both patient and the surgeon would have to be happy with the results. Until recently, of course… Recently we started to use laparoscopic methods, which have already been being used in a lot of fields of surgery, in abdominoplasty surgeries for the suitable patients. Information regarding laparoscopy are very old, but this utilization field is very new.

What is the case in laparoscopic abdominoplasty surgery?

In similar way with the classical liposuction, after performing liposuction through 3 tiny incisions around abdomen and belly button, we work in the area between abdomen muscles and skin by laparoscopic apparatus that is in similar liposuction cannula diameters, and repair there by tightening fibers of the muscle. This way abdomen muscles are tightened without lifting abdomen tissue. It is performed only through 3 tiny incisions. After these incisions get healed, it is very difficult for other people to understand about the procedure. What is important about surgery is to perform right surgery for the right patient with the right diagnosis. If you are lucky enough, you fit into the patient type I have been trying to define. You can have laparoscopic abdominoplasty surgery with tiny incisions instead of abdominoplasty with big incisions covering half of your waist. If you are not in this lucky people group, still don’t worry. Then we will remove a part of the skin which is worth of that incision marks left. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question marks left about tummy tuck. Wish you a healthy life…

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