Arm and Thigh Lifting Surgery

Arm and Thigh Lifting Surgery

Aging and gravity grants privilege to nowhere in the body. Elastic structure in dermis layer of skin fails working properly. Sagging amount increases especially depending on the amount of weight gained and lost. Or you have not started sagging, but thighs and inner side of upper arms may have started excessive fat in. In these cases liposuction (fat removal) and lifting operations have to be performed at the same time. While operating arm or thigh lifting surgeries, incision marks left can be reduced to acceptable esthetical mark levels by hiding them in body folds and using special esthetical suture techniques.

Marks of arm lifting will be on inner arms while marks of thigh lifting will be hidden inside inguinal folds where thighs and body connects. If we are only lifting thigh, incision will not be visible since it will be in the place where leg joins the body. Besides that if there is inner thigh sagging due to extreme weight loss and the problem looks advanced, there will be incision marks left both horizontal on inguinal and vertical on inner thigh.  You can imagine this mark as reverse “T”. For all types of marks, we apply fractional laser and silicone treatments. Arm lifting marks become a bit more visible while thigh lifting marks are more hidden.

It is better to have both arm lifting and thigh lifting operations under general anesthesia. You are expected to wear a corset right after the operation. It is better for you to stay in the hospital for one night. There will be no problem of removing stitches as absorbable thread is used. Time to start working again completely depends on the extent of the surgery. First one week you have to move your arms and legs slowly.

Arm lifting surgery which is performed for arm sagging problem can be operated either with general anesthesia or sometimes with local anesthesia. Average duration of the operation is 2 hours. For extreme sagging and fat problems, patient stays one night in the hospital. Arm sagging is 2 dimensional through the skin as vertical and horizontal. Thus the sagging skin have to be removed through vertical and horizontal incisions. After the operation, there will be a slight pain or sometimes no pain. In case of pain, you can use painkillers which will be enough. You can go back to your daily routines in a couple of days. First 2 weeks you can only do your daily activities. In the 3.week you can start doing sports in which you don’t use arms, like jogging. Effort required sports like tennis can be started only after 8.week. Surgery marks on the inner arms will be red and swollen first, but as time passes it will get paled and tinier and will be less visible.

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