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Everyone accepts that in the social life the way we look around is very important. Face is the center of our expression. It unveils our mood. Tired? Happy? Or upset? Sometimes due to aging but sometimes due to anatomical reasons expression of our eyes starts to look more exhausted and upset than normally it is. While trying to understand the source of the problem in front of the mirror, sometimes a fold on upper eyelids sometimes eyebags under eyes sometimes wrinkles around eyes disturbs us. At this point, we actually start to make a mistake. A single factor cannot determine the beauty of a look. Upper eyelids cannot be considered independent of lower eyelids, or the shape of eye brows. Volume of cheeks is not independent of lower eyelids, too.

Cellular changes of aging or weaknesses in our anatomical build do not affect only one component on the face. We have fat pads both on and under of our eyeballs. While eyeball puts pressure on lower fat pad, upper fat pad doesn’t have this problem. And due to anatomical features a little bit while upper eyelid problems reveal themselves as folds, lower eyelids end up in bag problems. In fact, processes weakening our skin and muscles around eyes, and bad impacts of gravity affect both eyelids. Once sagging eye brows and wrinkles around eyes join to the other problems, expression becomes more exhausted. When deformation starts on the eyelids, above mentioned negative impacts cause our eye brows to move lower. It is all alone a reason of a sad expression. Sagging brows and eyelids can be observed in early ages as well.

According to our esthetical perception when outer corner of the eye is higher than inner corner of the eye, eye expression becomes more attractive. Otherwise, it looks numb and exhausted. This problem can be solved with a small operation by pulling outer corners upper.

Like in all other plastic surgery procedures, solving this problem also is highly related to the ratio it is noticed. It is strongly possible to obtain beautiful eye look with a careful planning.

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