Can you get rid of your fats while declaring your love?

Probably you have seen it before in a lot of movies: someone screaming at the slope of a snowy mountain, and snow starts moving and sliding. As snow moves, it gets bigger and turns into an avalanche. Imagine that while declaring your love to your beloved one, an avalanche is falling behind J OK. I was just trying to explain physical rules in sympathetic way.  Sound wave has kinetic energy. You can think of it as an impulse. And if this sound wave has enough space to move, it gets into resonance. It multiplies its energy up, and gets stronger. Alright, now we are getting to the point you are curious about. Those sound waves can create the same effect on your overaccumulated fats as the way they pull huge snowballs out of their place.

Since sound wave used in VASER is in ultrasonic level you cannot hear it, and sound cannot be in scary levels. Even if it could, since you are under anesthesia you can’t hear it. Lol just joking 🙂

VASER technology has been known and used since 1980s. And the system has been improved every 10 years. Ultrasonic waves coming through 2.9 mm and 3.7 mm size rods called as probes go find your fat tissues and vibrate them.  Fat vibrates so much that at the end its bonds break, and it starts liquefying. Later, we drain melted fats from your body by bars you can thinks as straws. Liposuction (or liposelection as it is usually called with VASER) is brought a new dimension by VASER. Thanks to VASER liposuction becomes less painful, less bruising, and resulting in less loose skin. Why less painful? Since it especially targets fats, nerves get less damage. Remember, it is only the snow sliding in avalanche not the rocks. Why les bruises? As it chooses fats, veins get hurt less. Why less sagging? It is because ultrasonic sound waves heat your skin inside, and create controlled burns which result in collagen synthesis increasing the tightness of the skin.

Shortly, with VASER liposuction method you can safely declare your love. Well, I mean you can get rid of your fats 🙂

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