Do You Think Your Nose Can Hypnotise or Others ?

In daily life we use a concept called “like”, what a disaster! We build all of our lives on this feeling.  We like the taste of a food and we make it our favorite. We find a fruit or a dessert delicious and always order it. We like a woman or a man and want her/him always next to us. Then what really is “liking”? How and why we decide on the things we like? How much aware we are of what we choose and why we choose it? Generally, “never”!

Let’s try to understand through an example which is experienced most of the time by my patients.  Prior to Rhinoplasty Surgery, I draw my patient’s nose from side face view and show it to my patient to clarify what kind of a nose I imagine for her after the surgery. Sometimes, I also add a 3. Picture for suitable patients. This 3.picture has exactly the same nose with the 2.picture, but I use additional procedures on the face like fat injection to forehead, fat injection onto cheekbone, and chin/jaw implant or reshaping. As soon as they see the picture, 80% of the patients tell me that they like the nose on the 3.picture. 15% of them tells that they like the 3. One, but they don’t pick it as they cannot explain why they like it. The other 5% of them abstains from making a choice. All my patients get surprised when I explain them noses on the 2. And 3. Pictures are exactly the same. Shortly, although they all come to my office only for nose job, 95% of them likes the 3.picture in which nose is not the one making a difference.


Of course, it is our main target to have a nose which is suitable with your face and looking natural. However; the size of nose and its correlation with other parts of our face affect the harmony. And, we like this nose, creating harmony, in a way we cannot explain the reason. It is a hypnotic impact. Like Love… We think that there is no reason. In fact, I can assure you even love, itself, functions in accordance with mathematical rules.


We frequently apply chin augmentation and fat injection in our routine practices. It is indisputable that fat injection is the most preferred one among others.  Fat injection with 15 cc fat graft, which can be extracted from any part of the body, can make your forehead oval-shaped, and cheekbones upper. It makes your face look more feminine and your nose more charming. A part of the fat injected will disappear in time while the bigger part remains in the injected place for life. At the end of the day, it is your fat and your graft from your body! You may end up falling in love with your nose… J

Sincerely Yours…

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