Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty, which is mostly known as eyelid esthetics surgery, is one of those operations that has strong impacts in our social life. While listening to people we have conversation with, we look at either their eyes or their lips. This shows us how eyes are important in communication. But unfortunately, first impacts of aging start on eyelids.

All the structures composing eyelids get old, and get sagging and wrinkles like all other parts of the body. Social reflection of all those is a tired and upset expression on face besides looking old.

Lower eyelids is a different topic. Depending on recent surgical improvements, I don’t consider lower eyelid problems as only related to lower eyelids. Eyebags and grooves on lower eyelids are actually not lower eyelid problems but mid-face problems. For nearly all the patients who have lower eyelid problems, mid-face lift needs to be performed. Even if there is lifting word in it, please do not consider it as getting old. Sometimes these problems are genetic origin. About this topic, you can check mid-face lift article on the website.

Eyelid esthetics and looking esthetics

In my practices what I mean by eyelid operation is upper eyelid operation. I would like to tell you what kind of intervention we do on upper eyelids. First thing to be noticed is these folds on upper eyelids. These folds can be removed by surgical intervention. If it is needed extra fat can be reduced or vice versa fat fillers can be used for those whose eyelids look hollow. Actually while evaluating the problems in this area, instead of thinking it as eyelid esthetics it is better to think it as looking esthetics. It is not only eyelids make the way someone look around beautiful. Other factors such as angle of lacrimal ducts (cantus) both on inner and outer corners of the eyes, shape of eyebrows and forehead, and high and low cheekbones; are also very important for the way we look.

Blepharoplasty is performed by an incision on the upper eyelid fold. Suture line will also be placed on the same area with the incision. Since the tiniest dermis layer of the body is on this region, there will be no visible marks left on the region. It can be operated both with general and local anesthesia. If it is not performed together with another operation, local anesthesia is my preference to enable you walk home after the operation. Operation takes 20-30 minutes for each eyelid. It is normal to have a little bit swelling and bruises. It will disappear in 5-6 days depending on skin characteristics.

Especially thinking that this is a procedure to make looking more beautiful, combined procedures with cheekbones, brows or forehead can be operated. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions about blepharoplasty. Wish you the healthiest life…

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