Gynaecomastia Surgery

Gynaecomastia (breast reduction for men)

Gynaecomastia is feminine breast generation of men. There are a lot of reasons for generating feminine boobs of a man. Frequently encountered one of them is the one that shows up out of natural process of development, which is seen in men in pre-puberty period. This problem will naturally go away in a couple of years. Prepuberty is a period in which hormonal fluctuations are too much. Besides that, alcohol and medication use is another cause of gynaecomastia. Especially alcohol keeps some biochemical functions of liver busy with itself, which decreases the demolition of oestrogen and steroid based molecules. It affects breast tissues directly. Some epilepsy medications, antidepressants, hormone medications, and some blood pressure medications may also cause gynaecomastia as well. Besides hepatitis, cirrhosis, some cancers, and drug addiction might produce gynaecomastia. And lastly, in old age period since hormone cycles deteriorates, same problems might occur. In gynaecomastia breast tissues are classified as fat tissues and glandular tissues. This classification directly affects treatment type. If there is an increase in fat tissues, liposuction would be enough. In case of glandular tissue increase, mammary glands need to be removed and it is not possible to do it with liposuction. Therefore, sometimes it is better to have an ultrasound test before the surgery.

There are different techniques to be used in gynaecomastia surgery. Another determinant of the surgery technique is whether there will be skin sagging after tissues are removed out or not.  Although it is not needed for most of male patients, sometimes extra breast skin needs to be removed too. On the other hand, in simple fat removal gynaecomastia operation, perfect results are obtained with the help of thin liposuction cannulas entering through 5 mm incisions. Operation can be performed both with local and general anesthesia.

After gynaecomastia correction for 4 weeks elastic bandages putting pressure on breast area will be used. It will help breast skin to stick to chest wall. There will be no stitch removal problem as absorbable threads is used.

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