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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Thoughts over nasal tip surgery…

There are various details showing nasal tip beautiful or ugly. Everyone prioritize her problematic area on the nose. Statistically thinking, nasal tip can be the winner. Why nasal tip is so important and how we shape it?

First of all we need to discuss about the structure consisting nasal tip. Nasal tip is an architecture raised on the cartilage structure. Cartilage structure called as alar cartilage begins inside nasal alars and by drawing an elliptic curve ends at columella which is the middle bone of the nose. It is named as lateral crus in alars, and as medial crus and its foot plate at the columella. As concavity of these structures increases we perceive nasal tip as more oval shaped. Intermediate crus which is a middle form between lateral and medial cruses is extremely important for shaping nasal tip. The peak created out of rotation movement of this crus segment is called “dom”. Naturally there are 2 doms in right and left. Large intermediate crus makes nasal tip look broad and larger. Interdomal interval also needs to be adjusted in ideal sizes for men and women separately.


The priority in nasal tip shaping is producing right architecture out of this framework.


The things I have written about so far may be confusing for you technically, but they can only be introduction for nasal tip shaping topic. In addition to that, they are important to emphasize the main headlines of the issue.

Patients think that their problem can be solved with a small intervention on nasal tip since they think it is a small operation, and don’t mind about the other problems of the nose. Let’s say we corrected your nasal tip, then you will start being uncomfortable with the other details you did not notice before.

This is why you should pay attention to your surgeon’s thoughts giving you a course of action for whole nose. And, please never underestimate the operation.

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