Non-Surgical Face Lifting Methods

Stop the time! And by looking better then you do now. How?

If you are well-groomed and beautiful woman over 30, to prove that please have a look at social media accounts of your high school friends. Who was the most beautiful and cool girl in the class? Why was she so popular? She was reading love letters and feeling more like a goddess while you were studying? Then why you look better now? Let me tell you why. You took care of yourself better, and you are more informed. Born as pretty is a gift from god to us, but preserving gifted beauty and taking it higher is completely in our own hands. And regarding this issue, you will eventually apply to surgical or non-surgical methods.

Naturally as a plastic surgery clinic we are very successful at making you more beautiful by using blades.  And the results are really apparent and long lasting… Yet, there is other side of the coin that each face we see may not need surgical intervention, or the patient herself may not be open to surgery idea. In this case, what we can do? A lot of things…

As you are reading this article at the moment, you are also curious about the secrets of non-surgical beauty. Thus, you want to start investing in yourself. Let’s talk about these things a little bit.

Even though it is only botox and fillers first coming to mind when someone says non-surgical beauty practices, we keep the options in a wide range. By using methods such as botox, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, silhouette soft face lifting, meso theraphy, and salmon DNA rejuvenation injection, we organize combined treatment procedure special for your problem and obtain very satisfying results.

Botox provides you with the results even the most expensive revitalizing anti-aging creme cannot give you. It offers you a miracle with the wrinkles on forehead and the ones we call crow’s feet wrinkles around eyes. Besides, you don’t need to wait for the wrinkles to start on your face to have botox since having botox as early as possible enables you to prevent prospective future wrinkles as well as it makes you look brighter and energetic.

Filling is one of the most powerful weapons of us to fill the areas on face which loses volume due to aging or anatomical reasons, and to make the face look more dynamic. Especially thanks to recently developed ingredients providing us with the filler types such as dynamic fillers and lightening fillers (ışık dolgu), we are able to get natural and beautiful results even with the patients in 20’s. Refreshing cheeks, reducing wrinkle depths around your lips, making your chin more attractive, treating collapsed and bruised look on your under eye are possible thanks to the fillers.

Skin rejuvenation by laser is our magic wand both to be used as a routine of your skin care and to be used for skin blemish treatment, scar treatment, complementary treatment for increasing collagen, and even removing tiny hair that show your face pale. We can include laser treatment nearly in all procedures to crown your beauty.

Skin tightening by radiofrequency gets targeted tissues beneath the skin by radio waves it spreads to the heat alerting collagens. And this impact mechanism is a frequently used treatment by us to provide you with comfortable, fast, painless, needleless treatment against wrinkles, skin sagging, and deformity in face oval.

Silhouette soft non-surgical face-lift is a thread hanging technique we perform in cases of 1-2 cm sagging on mid-face and chin area. It hangs the tissues with a special umbrella technique, which differentiates it from classical thread hanging techniques. It has American FDA approval. That it is completely natural and absorbable makes this procedure safer. Only in 30 minutes without any side effects like marks, wounds, and swelling you can have this procedure and go back to your daily life.

Rejuvenation practices with injection such as Meso-theraphy and Salmon DNA are used for nearly all skin types in various kind of skin problems. And certainly, you don’t need to have a skin problem to have these skin care practices. They are SOS practices in wrinkles, pale skin, skin tone disparity, and tired skin losing resistance. Actually, it is an inner make-up we insistently suggest you only even to invest in your skin. Instead of putting make up on outer skin to cover our imperfections, by increasing skin quality with an inner make-up we can have bright and dynamic skin.

If you have a different questions regarding breast enlargement surgery, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.


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