• Add Volume to Your Beauty

    Sometimes due to the impacts of aging, or sometimes due to anatomical bad luck, our body needs volume support. Although volume support might sometimes be needed into butts or boobs, here in this article we will focus on facial area. As soon as we hit middle ages most of us experience collagen and elastin volume […]..

  • Botox

    What is botox? Most importantly what it is not? In 1820 Dr. Justinus Kerner invented that a bacteria on aged sausages produces a material which we call as botulinum toxin A recently. In 1950s having find out that this material loosens muscles temporarily, it started to be used in strabismus treatment. And finally, botulinum toxin […]..

  • Non-Surgical Face Lifting Methods

    Stop the time! And by looking better then you do now. How? If you are well-groomed and beautiful woman over 30, to prove that please have a look at social media accounts of your high school friends. Who was the most beautiful and cool girl in the class? Why was she so popular? She was […]..

  • Silhouette Soft

    Silhouette soft (youth thread) is a suspension technique which is the most effective one among non-surgical solutions at present against tissue sagging in middle face area. I don’t sympathize suspension techniques in general because it is not logical to think that one thread going through one place will be enough to resist gravity. On the […]..

  • Cosmelan&Dermamelan

    Cosmelan-Dermamelan Blemish Treatment (Green Peeling) Cosmelan- dermamelan is a blemish and skin rejuvenation treatment all by itself. It is a mask with special content applied in one session to treat blemish after pregnancy, aging discoloration, and spots caused by external factors like sunspots. Cosmelan-dermamelan helps reducing melanin amount in skin, repressing pigmentatio..

  • PRP Treatment

    What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)? Human body is a huge organism. Cells combine to form tissues, and tissues to form organs, and organs to form systems etc. And it keeps growing this way. Then, how this system understands when you get your body injured, and how it detects the damage and repair it? Let […]..

  • Under-Eye Light Filler

    Under-Eye Light Filler If you ever came to my office for consultation about aging process of your face, you are probably familiar with the story I am about tell. That story about our face being full of fat pads that move down as we age. Our skin loses its elasticity as we get older and […]..

  • French Lip Filling

    French Kiss Lips, or Angel Lips? I don’t know if you have ever focused on your lip shape, but before talking about beautiful lips I would like to talk about esthetical parts of lips first. Then we can skip to the issue of French lips 🙂 Lips are shaped through the line where red lip […]..


    I could have written a fantastic story by telling you about Benjamin Button (probably I misspelled) impact to clarify you that Salmon DNA obtained from salmon milt is the most effective protein for human skin recovery. Since there are a lot of these kind of articles on the internet, I didn’t give up on the […]..

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Most hairy story written on laser hair removal… Dear ladies, you have been trying hard to get rid of your hair, but do you know why? What I meant is do you know what is the source of this urge? In our clinic we provide service for you to give the best results with the […]..

  • Mesotherapy

    What Mesotherapy is actually? A true federal regime dominates our body. Cells form groups to compose tissues, tissues form groups to compose organs, organs form groups to compose systems and then body organism is formed. Management is actually fair in terms of requirements, performance and mission distribution. For good or ill, we take our nourishment. […]..

  • Skin Care and Blemish Treatment

    Why we feel better when we use foundation during skin care? Have you ever thought about it? Our eyes and lips come into prominence, and our facial lines look better.  What about concealers we put on under eyes? It provides us with a sparkling look. And those filters saving us in the pictures 🙂 The […]..

  • Skin Treatments with Laser

    In this article I will not tell you about which laser types are performed in what doses, what layers, and what nanometers as you already can obtain that information online on a lot of website. Instead of filling this article with the classical information, I will share with you the enjoyable part, which is the […]..

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