Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Those ears whose lines you would hardly remember if I give you a pen and ask you to draw it, have actually extremely uniform geometrical design. But, we realize this fact only when there is a deformity in its folds or angles. When it is said prominent ear, what should be understood is that external ear leans forward with a bigger angle than normal. Sometimes it reaches the level that we cannot even see the main fold (superior helix) on the front part. It is called as prominent ear or big ear in public. Nevertheless, in fact this is just an illusion since superior helical fold does not appear there. When this fold which normally is supposed to be on the ear is corrected by surgical intervention, the problem naturally disappears and ear starts to be perceived in normal dimensions. In prominent ear surgery, cartilage is shaped entering through small incisions on the back of the ears, and ideal folds are shaped thanks to some special stitching techniques. There are a variety of stitching techniques. I prefer ensuring the permanence of the shape by performing more than one technique at the same time to avoid ear folds getting loose again. Ears complete the big part of their growing period (80%) until the ages 5-6. It is a great luck to have this period at pre-school times. Even though ears are next to head and can be hidden by hair, it can still affect human psychology very badly.  Especially childhood is the point of time that worst attacks can be experienced. Therefore; having this procedure before starting to school is an investment for child psychology. While this operation can easily be performed with local anesthesia for adults, it needs to be operated with general anesthesia for children. It is possible to have this operation in older ages for sure, and it can be performed with local anesthesia very comfortably.

How long prominent ear surgery takes?

Prominent ear esthetics operations take 30 minutes for each ear. Operation is performed through ear backs, and remarks are not noticeable. The purpose of the surgery is to shape ear cartilage folding back as it was supposed to be. You can leave for home right after the operation. It is enough to keep the bandages on the ears for 2-3 days. It is very normal that you will see some swelling (edema) and bruises on ears. They will heal very quickly. You can take shower as soon as bandages are removed, but I still recommend you to keep your ear backs safe for 4-5 days. You have to avoid serious blows on the ears in the first 3 months. By the way, even though prominent ears is the first thing coming to mind while speaking ear esthetics, we also face a lot of different anomalies every day. For example; in microtia cases nearly whole part of ear is missing, except ear lobe.  In those cases we make a new ear from patient’s own cartilage and place it beneath the skin. Besides this, there are a lot of other shape problems, and each of them needs to be repaired with different techniques resulting in satisfying outcomes. Please smile now, because you can tie your hair up now.

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Op. Dr. Ozan Balık

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