Skin Treatments with Laser

In this article I will not tell you about which laser types are performed in what doses, what layers, and what nanometers as you already can obtain that information online on a lot of website. Instead of filling this article with the classical information, I will share with you the enjoyable part, which is the magical result.

Candela, Gentle Max Pro;

You all know about Alexandrite laser which is the mostly heard laser for hair removal, and a laser system provides perfect results especially with fair skin. Even its use is so widespread that laser hair removal works only with the fair skin and dark hair combination prejudgment came out. Then what will we do with the dark skin people? For this skin type we prefer Nd-Yag Laser systems, and obtain very successful results. Gentle Max Pro; on the other side, is a pretty advanced equipment combining both of those systems. It consists of both Alexandrite and Nd-Yag wavelength. It is faster than a lot of systems thanks to its wide range spot. This is why procedure ends faster. It can hit hair roots with higher energy, and does not even hurt you while doing it J

And of course hair removal is not the only thing it works for. Gentle Max Pro can operate lesion applications to pigments with Alexandrite, and treat vascular lesion problems (vascular anomaly of skin) with Nd-Yag Laser System.

No other combined laser system is as advanced in technology as Gentle Max Pro, and as liberal and low risky as it is. By cooling upper layer of the skin called epidermal protection with cryogen gas system, it considerably comforts patients. 


Revlite, which combines Q-switch Nd-Yag Laser and PhotoAcoustic Technology Puls (PTP) technologies, can be used for different purposes with different tips and doses. It can trigger collagen and elastin production beneath the skin for skin toning. Think of our skin as a fabric. Collagen contributes to fabric thickness, and elastin; on the other side, helps to skin elasticity. When we also consider its bringing glamour and freshness to the skin, skin toning special to Revlite is achieved.

We use Q-Switch Nd-Yag laser system also for tattoo erasing purposes. Duration and the success of the session completely depend on the color and depth of the ink. In order to give you clear information about the results, we need to see and evaluate your tattoo in a consultation.

Besides, in our clinic we use Revlite to pale your tiny hair as well. Even though we use the best laser systems of the world in our clinic, since Alexandrite will not be able to spot very tiny hair it is possible to pail them by Revlite to prevent them get noticed.

As an inseparable part of all skin care practices in our clinic Revlite Q-switch Nd-Yag laser usually takes part in blemish treatments as well. It perfectly solves pigment problems on face and genital region.

Sellas Evo Erbium-Glass Fractional Laser

While epidermis is the top layer of all our skin layers, lower layer of epidermis is the basal layer. This layer is too important for rejuvenation of the epidermis. Er-Glass Fractional Laser rays open vertical micro pores on the skin to alert it for regeneration. Following this alert, micro burnt areas implement new collagen production by stretching. Increase in collagen amount means rejuvenation of the skin, and tightening of pores. Scar marks, skin wrinkles, and also stretch marks get benefit of this regeneration of the skin at a certain level. Since under skin tissues are targeted with Er-Glass laser, recovery process is too fast.

Er-Glass laser is used in our clinic for wrinkles, scratches, surgery marks, scar tissues, acne scars, stretch marks, and skin toning.

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