Surgical Cellulite Treatment

We know this cliché information that cellulites result from squeezed and thus expanding fat tissues between vertical septa right under the skin. We can think of those septa as walls forming tiny chambers beneath the skin. Although classical cellulite treatment targets to remove those septa, it is not that easy. Likewise, women facing this problem are about to accept that there is no solution for cellulite problem.


VASER which is composed of the initials of “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” is a technology that raised the standards very high in liposuction (fat removal) practices. VASER took its place in plastic surgery practices as the third generation ultrasonic liposuction technology. With the help of the vibration of soundwaves under our hearing threshold, fat cells also start vibrating and getting separated of their bonds like the way getting grapes separated of bunch. Liquefied fats after this practice are sucked out of the body to be removed by VentX cannulas which don’t harm tissues. Ultrasonic heat also provides tightening of the skin.


Now let’s bring those 2 information together. Third generation ultrasonic liposuction technology VASER updated to crown itself in its fight against cellulite by bringing new probes to remove septa, to melt fat tissues between septa, and to tighten the skin. In the final point achieved this practice is called as “SMOOTH VASER”. A lot of lipoidemia patients suffering from advanced cellulite problems also takes benefit of smooth laser technology.

SMOOTH VASER is performed under similar principles with the classical VASER, and the success rate is really high. Corset use is highly important after the procedure. In our clinic following SMOOTH LASER practice, additional care with vacuum RF can be started after 3.week.  Please do not hesitate to send messages to me if you have different question in your mind regarding cellulite treatments and methods. Wish you a healthy life…

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Op. Dr. Ozan Balık

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