Vaser Hi-Def LipoSelection

How Liposelection Comes Out?

I will clarify you how VASER Hi-Def technology practices Liposelection after explaining you 2 physical phenomena looking completely distinct from each other. On a sunny day, one person wears white t-shirt, and the other wears black t-shirt. Which one of them feels that the weather is hotter? Probably, nearly everyone will answer this as the person in black t-shirt, and that’s the correct answer. Why? We clearly know that black color absorbs sunlight more (photons) and converts it into heat. And the other example is the issue of cracking glass while playing violin. That sound is a kind of a sound breaking the thin glass but not a table or a door. There is a special point on which this energy level can have effect. These 2 examples simply demonstrate that some energy kinds can have different dimensions in their relationships with some special materials. It was noticed that sound waves (ultrasonic) beyond ear’s perception threshold transfer energy on fat tissues without damaging veins, nerves, ligaments, and all other similar tissues beneath the skin. Following this, it was started to be used in liposuction surgery. This technology evolved in itself and brought VASER out. Liposuction procedure operated by VASER technology is called LipoSelection thanks to its selectiveness over fat tissues. And it is the most advanced technology in liposuction surgery so far.

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Op. Dr. Ozan Balık

Ozan Balık, M.D. was born in 1975. After he graduated from Adana Karşıyaka Highschool in 1992, he started Electronic Engineering major in Istanbul University. While he was having a series of operations he realized his tendency to medicine. In order to say “Don’t worry, they will be safe in here.”

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