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VASER® Liposuction (Fat Removal)

Fats in our body are the sources of energy for difficult times. We use those sources during sickness or extreme effort times. It is like an absorber for the body. It absorbes the stress of all blows. And for articular and tendons, it is work safety.

Nevertheless, excess of fat is a serious problem for heath. And for esthetics, total disaster… Before discussing about the methods of fat removal from the body, let’s talk about where they are located. Let me put it in this way first: in all of our body fats are located between skin and the muscles. Going straight up from muscles to skin there are blood veins and nerves. It looks like spike field when we look at them from far. Those blood veins and nerves nurture not only the skin but also surrounding tissues, including fat tissues.

Why do I use VASER liposuction?

While performing with classical liposuction (fat removal), it is inevitable for the grater type of blades on the tip of cannulas to rupture nerves and veins while removing fat. This is why bleeding beneath the skin and thus extreme bruises, extreme pain after the surgery, and chronic skin numbness occur. This is both theoretically and practically correct information. Until I met with VASER, I had performed classical liposuction (fat removal) for a very long time. We had successful results also with the classical method, but we always had problems with bruises, pain, and chronic numbness. Those problems are very normal for the classical liposuction (fat removal) method.

Will I have extreme pain after VASER Liposuction?

Recently, those problems are solved to a great extent thanks to VASER liposuction practices. The operation procedure is as following: first, the probe which is spreading thin ultrasonic waves takes a tour around fats. It doesn’t have any cutting part on the tip. As sound waves clear the way, it moves on. When this process is over, melting fat drains out of that 3-4 mm incision by itself. In addition to this, melting fat is sucked out of the body by entering inside with a cannula (Vent X Cannula) which looks like a thin straw.

How VASER liposuction device tightens the skin?

With the help of V mood of VASER liposuction while ultrasonic probe is working beneath the skin, it heats the skin as well; which results in skin tightening and lifting impact on sagging parts. Since veins are not damaged, bleeding and bruises are really less. And since nerves are also not damaged, only a short-term pain and temporary numbness (or maybe none) will occur.

Due to all these advantages of it lately, I use and recommend VASER for liposuction (fat removal).

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