We always choose the beauty

Let’s go back to the oldest memories you can remember.

Your kindergarden ages for example…  Depending on which criteria your team leaders used to choose friends for the playgroup? You can’t remember clearly? Let’s think about later times. In primary school, which student your teacher used to pay attention to the most? The most hardworking one? Are you sure? Then how you used to choose your friends during your high school times? Who you used to envy or with whom you would like to be close with? What about college? Managers in business life? How you were evaluated in your job interview? Which criteria made you choose your partner in your private life? What about you? Which criteria made you to be chosen?

Our primitive instincts, which are the source of who we really are, belong to nature. What do creatures do in the nature to get each other’s attention? What are the advantages of the ones who look prettier with the help of their colorful and fluffy fur? Can the primitive and wild side inside, which cannot be changed neither by education or by cultural improvement, features the Mother Nature?

Everyone who neutrally evaluates their life experience will agree on the idea that being beautiful and desirable provides advantages in all above mentioned circumstances to be loved and to be chosen over others. We always claim that what is important is the inner beauty. Sure, it is a very significant qualification, but are you aware that we don’t make our choices depending on inner beauty?

It is not difficult to imagine a smooth message given by a nose after getting rid of its rude looking details, or kind woman soul with bigger boobs, or energetic looking of a face after lifting. In this case the more difficult thing is to accept this reality since our educational and cultural background indoctrinate us with the idea that outer beauty is illusionary and temporary. On the contrary, world is full of opposite examples. We always try to deny our primitive soul and subconscious. It is the cruel side of the life, but this problem is not out of solution.

The day we accept this cruel reality which also is the subject of a lot of studying, we start fighting and finding solutions to it. Plastic surgery is not high living choice or unnecessary intervention. The disappointment of not being able to be chosen and lack of self confidence can alienate you from life in a way that no other sickness can do.  Then, beauty deserves to be fought for it. To be self confident and motivated, and to be the one who chooses the next time the change is in your hands under the lights of science!

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Op. Dr. Ozan Balık

Ozan Balık, M.D. was born in 1975. After he graduated from Adana Karşıyaka Highschool in 1992, he started Electronic Engineering major in Istanbul University. While he was having a series of operations he realized his tendency to medicine. In order to say “Don’t worry, they will be safe in here.”

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