Under-Eye Light Filler

If you ever came to my office for consultation about aging process of your face, you are probably familiar with the story I am about tell. That story about our face being full of fat pads that move down as we age. Our skin loses its elasticity as we get older and cannot carry the weight of soft tissues. When we add the stubborn impact of gravity on it, sagging is inevitable. First, when under-eye fat pats and fat tissues of cheek start getting separated from each other, a groove appears between them. In public it is called as hammock appearance, dark circle, or under bag. Later on when nose sides, chin sides, and neck also join this process, sagging goes out of control. I explained this in detail in facial rejuvenation article. Thus without getting into that much detail here, I want to focus on phase 1 in which under-eye grooves come into stage.

I am supporting the idea of producing solutions exactly for the problem. If it moved down, then what needs to be done is lifting it back. But as a natural reaction we humans are scared of surgeries. This is why we can apply light fillers to those grooves if they are not too deep and if you are still on phase 1. Those grooves make us look like we have eye bags as well. But following light filling, it will also disappear. I recommend light fillers for facial sagging at phase 1. For further phases, what I can recommend is only surgery. Trying to solve each sagging problem with fillers will make you look like swollen lion head.

What is under-eye light filler?

Actually light filler is what we know as hyaluronic acid. It should not be more than 12 mg in 1 cc in its nature, and should be in highly purified quality as well. There are a few fillers carrying this feature in the market.

Is light filler a painful procedure?

No. Creams with local anesthesia impact will provide enough numbness when they are applied before the surgery. Already since it is not performed with injections but with cannulas, pain and bleeding possibility is minimum.

Can each size of grooves be filled with light fillers?

Of course, not. Eye area has very sensitive lymphatic cycle. Excessive light filling might disrupt this cycle and result in long-term swelling. Measuring correct dose and knowing the lines are very important.

Can light fillers really lighten under-eye? Where it gets its name?

Dark appearance on under-eye is probably resulted from skin’s getting thinner and making the muscles and veins beneath it visible. In addition to it, those grooves on that area also create shadow effect. Therefore; when light fillers lessen the groove, shadow effect also decreases. Skin glamour increases as well because hyaluronic acid gives volume to the area by holding water in. All of these give brightness and light impact on under-eyes.

How long light fillers are lasting?

Light fillers last 9-12 months.

Are there any permanent light fillers?

There are a lot of permanent fillers, but I don’t suggest a permanent synthetic filler for this region. If it is demanded, for suitable patients fat filler from self-fat of the patient which we call as “nano-fat-graft” can be applied to the patient.

Can you correct a failed light filler performed in another clinic?

Sometimes we have the chance to correct it by using radiofrequency and hyaluronidase. It is very important to know the brand of the filler previously used

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