What is Botulinum Toxin? Most importantly what it is not?

In 1820 Dr. Justinus Kerner invented that a bacteria on aged sausages produces a material which we call as botulinum toxin A recently. In 1950s having find out that this material loosens muscles temporarily, it started to be used in strabismus treatment. And finally, botulinum toxin A which we use in esthetical practices now was produced in laboratories and bottled by Allergen Company in 1989. After getting approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) botulinum toxin came out. At the moment it is the esthetical practice preferred the most all over the world.

Botulinum Toxin is an impact that no other esthetical or cosmetic practice can provide you with. It is a sun rising over your face, over your forehead. People usually will tell you “you look great! Something has changed with you but what?” but only the ones with the same experience will know what it is. Say good bye to thin wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. Those lines caused by your face mimics will let themselves go with botulinum toxin, and an improvement will appear on skin surface. Imagine these lines as grooves and scar marks on the reverse side of the skin.

They are marks of years. So don’t expect them to be straight like a sheet after only one botulinum toxin practice. Surely its effect will increase after successive practices. If muscles in the injected area don’t work anymore, it means everything is perfect. No problem so far, right? Now let’s skip to the part what this kind of a perfect practice doesn’t mean.

Botulinum Toxin is not a filler. The name explains it clearly: fillers fill empty spaces. It means do not think of an imaginary practice like having botulinum toxin to fill the hollows around nose. In a similar way, botulinum toxin cannot thicken your lips. It can work a little bit on wrinkles above lips, but you should think about this carefully: your lip muscles cause those wrinkles. To remove all the wrinkles muscles need to stop working all over; however, you need those muscles working.

Botulinum Toxin is practiced on eye sides but not directly on under eye because muscles on this region are one of the mechanisms preventing under eye fat pads forming eyebags. If we stop those muscles with botulinum toxin, then you will develop severe eyebags. And yes, some people doesn’t end up with this impact. It is because those people’s membrane called orbital septum is too strong under the muscle, or under-eye fat pads are poor. In short, it is not logical to say that you got rid of the wrinkles around eyes but botulinum toxin didn’t work on under eyes as we don’t prefer practicing botulinum toxin there.

Botulinum Toxin is not obtained from snakes. There is no cosmetic product (cream, etc.) with the same impact of botulinum toxin. I did not say that there is no product in the market, but what I mean is that there isn’t any products with the impact that can make you satisfied. Take it this way: we inject botulinum toxin with tiny injections directly into the muscles beneath the skin, and it is very strong toxin. Which cream can reach to your muscles and stop them? And finally, I need to emphasize that botulinum toxin is a fantastic product. Just find out how to enjoy benefits without attributing a lot of meaning on botulinum toxin, and leave the rest to the botulinum toxin.

If you have a different questions regarding Botulinum Toxin, please fill in the form. Wish you a healthy life.