Add Volume to Your Beauty

Sometimes due to the impacts of aging, or sometimes due to anatomical bad luck, our body needs volume support. Although volume support might sometimes be needed into butts or boobs, here in this article we will focus on facial area.

As soon as we hit middle ages most of us experience collagen and elastin volume loss under skin, sagging skin, and fad pads under the skin getting smaller. These changes in total are observed as smaller face in volume. Surely in order to clearly understand these changes due to time, person always has to be in same weight.

Besides that, some people thanks to anatomical build may have cheeks without enough volume, thin lips, deep grooves of nose sides, and explicit eye hallows.

In all those above mentioned cases if the volume loss is not extreme, we can clear them up with the help of synthetic fillers. For this purpose even though a variety of molecular is produced, hyaluronic acid based fillers are very suitable with the body, and used frequently all around the world. The more a filler is pure, the healthier its application is. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the products in high quality and approved by international standards. These kind of fillers usually do not even require local anesthesia. But naturally those kind of fillers are eliminated from the body after a while.

If lasting impact fillers are needed, I prefer fat tissues collected from the patient herself instead of synthetic fillers as in case an undesired reaction occurs since it is very difficult to eliminate lasting fillers from the body.

To sum up, to create the beauty sometimes you need to add the missing part to its place… This way you get high volume beauty

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