Lipedema which is known as painful fat gain in the society affects especially 10% of women. It is hardly seen among men. It derives from genetic traits. It can appear in genetically susceptible people after pregnancy, cortisone treatment, lower extremity surgery, or out of poor motion activity. While it is similar to the obesity, differently from it lipoedema patients have the typical body appearance which is normal above belly but prone to fat under the belly. Besides, even though hypertrophy in legs and hips looks similar to lymphedema as well, it can be easily differentiated by lifting legs, or observing formation of hollows (gode) after pressing on skin. For the right treatment, it really needs to be differentiated well from both obesity and lymphedema. Though obesity can trigger lymphedema in time, treatment methods are completely different.

What is lipedema, and how it shows up?

In order to understand lipedema well, we need to understand vascular system of the body better first. While veins called artery distribute blood with nutrition and oxygen to all body, veins called venous carry used blood back to the heart. In this phase as venous lack necessary pressure, lymph circulation system helps with it. This system is known as white blood carriers in public. As we mentioned above, with genetically susceptible people rapid fat increase beneath the skin puts lymph under pressure, and circulation becomes deteriorated.

As deterioration in circulation escalates, oedema increases. These people suffer from pain even when touched slightly, gets their feet cold quick, and bruises easily. What we have been explaining is a similar mechanism with cellulites. Thus we can consider cellulites as early phase of lipoedema. Each lipoedema patients goes through cellulite phase, but not all cellulite patients go through lipoedema phase. Now we defined the problem, and let’s skip to the phase of treatment. As the causes of the problem are lymph and lipoidosis putting pressure on small venous blood vessel, the problem has to be treated by removing those fats without damaging lymphatic and veins.

What is lipedema treatment?

We perform lipoedema treatment by VASER liposelection. Different from classical liposuction, VASER does not damage veins and lymphatics. This is what we exactly need. In classical liposuction, all tissues in front of cannula’s tip are teared and sucked out without discriminating any of the tissues. It may result in lymphatic damage, and create other problems while trying to treat lipoedema. This is why the procedure with VASER is called liposelection but not liposuction, which means it selects fat tissues.

If you think that you may have lipoedema or the symptoms we mentioned, we can clarify it in a small consultation in our clinic and reach to a solution for treatment. Due to removed fat you will feel relaxation on your legs even the first day following the surgery. Please do not hesitate to ask about lipoedema treatment by filling the form below. Wish you a healthy life…

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